Case studies

Global Generation Kings Cross Skip Garden

We’ve done a lot of work in conjunction with Global Generation, a charity that enables a stream of volunteer children and young people to train as mini green activists for their communities.

Wolff Olins Rooftop garden

We built a rooftop garden on the top of Wolff Olin’s swanky canalside offices. Yes, that’s the same Wolff Olins who created the Olympic 2012 logo.

Acorn House Restaurant

What we did for Acorn House...

Maria Fidelis School Courtyard allotment

A lot of our work is with primary and secondary schools with children from Year 6 onwards, constructing and planting-up organic vegetable gardens based on sound eco-friendly principles.

Croydon car park Rooftop garden

We built a roof garden on top of a multi-storey car park...