Paul's Mission

I’m probably more of an urban environmentalist than an urban gardener.

I know how to grow plants in cities because I’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge about nature and the environment from growing up and growing plants in London. Now my mission is to help city dwellers find their green-fingered mojo and to show them that cities can be more than concrete and roads.

My passion for nature and the environment started from childhood. It continued into my years at the Natural History Museum working with scientists at the top of their field, and onwards to the cutting edge organic gardening I currently practice. Now I’m keen to impart my skills and knowledge with spades of enthusiasm and my patented down-to-earth and accessible delivery.

I want us to make the most of our cities, to be more in touch with nature and the environment, and to allow nature back in, as this will allow us to lead more sustainable lifestyles.

To understand London’s micro environment you need to understand the planet’s climate and the seasons. To grow organically you need to understand nature and use nature to help you. And I don’t just show you how to put a plant in the ground. I also lecture about climate, about where our food crops come from and I can show you how to build bird boxes or bat boxes and explain the science in an easy-to-follow style.

Just one way I’ve applied this knowledge is by painting cabbages yellow with to stop them being eaten by Cabbage White caterpillars.